Just about everyone has probably seen Beyoncé put on some sort of performance, whether it be in concert or just a music video, Queen Bey always gives life! Beyonce is also known for always having a strong team of dancers who help putting on the show along side her and if you are a real fan you may’ve notice a very beautiful red head! Her name is Ashley Everett! She was a student at the Juilliard School for Performing Arts, but later chucked the deuces and became Beyoncé’s partner in crime!



26-year-old began touring with the entertainer at the tender age of 17 during the Beyoncé experience tour… but then “I Am… Sash Fierce” happened. That album catapulted Ashley’s career and she eventually became the dance captain. Ever since Single Ladies broke the internet, Ashley has continued to dance in just about every video and tour of Beyoncé’s! Everette has also danced with Robin Thicke, Usher, Ciara, and many more artists to date!


In 2014, the dancer expanded her career to VH1 and is currently slaying as Peyton on Hit The Floor! She recently spoke with Health about how the gift of dance allows her to be expressive.

“Dancing is so therapeutic for me. It gives me the opportunity to express myself the same way a musician does through song, or an artist does through painting. It’s my language. I speak through movement. I lose myself on stage and it’s when I feel the most confident. Kind of like second nature.”


Happy Black History Month, Roommates!

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