Earlier this week, we reported on Ben & Jerry’s amazing statement in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, which stated: “All lives do matter, but all lives will not matter until black lives matter.”

After their statement, everyone was pro Ben & Jerry’s and even created ‘Black Lives Matter’ inspired ice cream flavors for the company. “Hands Up, Don’t Scoop,” and “Wish A Nougat Would” were some of our favorites.

That being said, somebody salty over at the Blue Lives Matter Organization took it upon themselves to encourage Americans to boycott Ben & Jerry’s for ‘publicly supporting Black Lives Matter.’

They state that Black Lives Matter is not a civil rights group, and Ben & Jerry’s is misguided in promoting “the assassination and attempted assassination of police officers,” by promoting the movement.

Apparently they think Ben & Jerry’s support for the movement is an attack on law enforcement as they stated, “By not only attacking law enforcement, but openly supporting Black Lives Matter, Ben & Jerry’s is sure to anger most Americans who do not agree with the political causes that they are supporting.”

What are your thoughts on this Roommates? I don’t know about you, but I’m on my way to buy Ben & Jerry’s right now. *Flips hair.

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Via: Blue Lives Matter

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