Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda has gotten into some trouble while serving his time in jail, and now he has been sentenced up to four years for having a prison shank.

According to TMZ, although the rapper has been sentenced up to four years for the prison contraband, that does not mean additional time will be added on to his existing seven-year sentence.

Back in December 2014, Shmurda was arrested for murder conspiracy, and on Friday he attended court with his attorney Paul London and plead guilty to “attempted promoted contraband.”

This new sentence runs concurrently with the seven years he was previously given, which means he will not be doing any extra time.

Sources close to Shmurda reportedly revealed that his family, friends, and lawyers encouraged him to take the deal.

Back in 2014 Bobby Shmurda along with other members of his GS9 group were arrested at New York City’s Quad Studios, he was officially sentenced to seven years last October.



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