Caitlyn Jenner is gearing up for season 2 of “I am Cait” and in true Jenner/Kardashian fashion, is causing a stir while doing so. 

It’s somewhat been unclear on Caityln’s sexual appetite since her transition, but in the promo clip for season 2 she makes it known she is over women! 

In the clip a friend asks if she considers herself a lesbian and Jenner replied “To be honest with you, I don’t see myself dating women in the future. I’ve been there done that, got three ex-wives.” 

Well, OK Caitlyn! Another friend chimes in and says “So now you can have an ex-husband!” Jenner didn’t hesitate and agreed with her saying “That’s right!”

Could all this just be talk to boost up season 2 ratings? Hmm guess we shall see if she starts dating man! 

See the promo clip below:


TSR Staff: Chinny @Miss_ChinChin on IG!  

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