Yesterday news broke that Carmelo Anthony and Lala Anthony are reportedly separated. Now, more details on the couple’s alleged separation have been revealed.

According to TMZ, Carmelo Anthony allegedly has gotten another woman pregnant, and as you can imagine, Lala is not happy about it.

Sources reportedly told TMZ, that the other woman works at a gentlemen’s club in New York City, and that she is claiming to be six and a half months pregnant with the basketball player’s child.

The other woman reportedly expects Carmelo to contribute to all costs related to the baby.

Sources close to the Anthony’s reportedly revealed that their marriage has been rocky for some time, and this alleged pregnancy was not the “tipping point,” but it, of course, it did not help.

Neither Lala nor Carmelo has filed any divorce papers, but sources reportedly revealed there is no chance of reconciliation.



TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94 on Instagram & Twitter

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