It’s no secret that the chemicals in some black hair products are seriously toxic. Many black women who get relaxers have already heard about the damage the chemicals can do to their hair over time. They either can’t stop because of the creamy crack addiction, or have gone on to become a naturalista.

People rarely talk about the effects the chemicals can have on the people who get the hair laid, beauticians. If you think about it, they are the ones around the chemicals day in and day out. So what about them? 

Well, a recent study was released from The Atlantic and it may make beauticians think twice about their safety when around these toxic chemicals. 

Graduate student at UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, Teni Adewumi,  conducted a survey of African American salon workers in Inglewood, CA. Her results proved that the same health concerns were prevalent. 

Due to the chemicals, veteran beauticians were facing asthma, dermatitis, hair loss, uterine fibroids, and miscarriages. You would think that beauty school would have taught them about what the chemicals could do to them. 

“When we held focus groups with salon workers, we found these stories of lack of education on chemical exposures and chemical-related health problems,” Adewumi stated. “Even though they had all gone to beauty school, there was just really no training around what these products could do to your body and reproductive system.”

What makes things worse is that the FDA doesn’t even require manufacturers to list the ingredients of the salon products! Women pretty much have to do their research and self educate on the products they are exposing themselves to. 

To all my beauticians out there, if you don’t know this info already, please take the time to see what harsh products you are around everyday! Your health is way more important! 


Salon Workers Say Handling Relaxers Has Led To Asthma, Hair Loss, Uterine Fibroids, And Miscarriages

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