Comedian #ChrisRock is under fire over a joke he made at the Comedy Cellar on Thursday. A patron of the MacDougal Street club told #PageSix that Rock was explaining that he doesn’t hire women, because they “cry rape” and that he needs witnesses with him at all times in case he was ever accused.

“They cry rape because they want money,” said the comedian, who went on to add that he wouldn’t hire a cleaning lady because he’s terrified of being falsely accused.

Many attendees, especially female attendees, didn’t like the joke at all and began to call him a “sexist pig” according to a witness.

“I’ve seen him before and he was hysterical, but this wasn’t funny at all,” a woman told Page Six. “Nobody was laughing. There were many boos and many women who were telling him he was a sexist pig. Two people got kicked out.”

Rock’s set reportedly ended in silence from the crowd.

At what point do you guys think comedy is taken too far?


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