Okay Roommates, if your boo still won’t put your Soundcloud link in their bio, or your cousin is still putting his mixtape in your Christmas stockings, and you still ain’t tryna hear it–here’s something that might help you help them!

Rapper Common apparently became a better rapper after he became a vegetarian.

According to Common, he grew up in Chicago where he’d eat a lot of heavy foods like hamburgers, barbecue, and bacon, until he completely switched it up.

“I heard rappers like KRS-One in ‘My Philosophy,’ say things about not eating meat, which was a real education, especially since it was coming from somebody cool. That stayed with me and made me want to learn more,” he said.

“As soon as I removed meat from my diet, I started to feel a clarity I didn’t have before. It sounds funny, but I feel like I was rapping better.”

Common is currently a pescatarian, meaning he’s more so in the middle now, and eats fish and seafood.

“I believe that what you eat affects the way you feel, the way you think and how beautiful you can look, so I’m really passionate about introducing kids to a holistic, healthy, good life,” he said.

He’s apparently trying to get his kids with the program too!

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