#Roommates, #JasonDerulo may have to reevaluate who he’s associating himself with because word is his home was burglarized and police think it was an inside job!

According to TMZ, while Jason was away, burglars entered his home and stole nearly $600k in jewelry and about $80K in cash. The most suspicious thing about the home invasion is that Jason had someone house sitting at the time of the burglary but they apparently didn’t hear any commotion during the robbery.

Law enforcement confirmed there was no forced entry into the house and the burglars simply walked in, broke the safe in his home and grabbed everything that was in it.

We hope they can get to the bottom of this!

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2017/10/16/jason-derulo-home-burglars-cops-inside-job/

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