#Roommates, back in 2016 we reported on a story about a young girl, Amy Joyner-Francis, who died from a rare heart condition after being attacked in the school bathroom. Well, Delaware’s highest court has decided to overturn a ruling that found one of the teen’s responsible for her death.

According to Fox News, the 17-year-old, who has not been identified because of her age, was convicted criminally negligent homicide in 2016.

Via Fox:

“On Thursday, Delaware’s Supreme Court found that the girl could not have acted with criminal negligence or, even if she did, it would be unjust to blame her for Joyner-Francis’ death, given how unforeseeable it was that the fight would lead to her dying of cardiac arrest.”

An autopsy revealed that aggravated stress from the the fight caused her to go into cardiac arrest.


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