#Roommates, y’all may remember Ne-Yo’s wife Crystal Smith received some backlash online after saying her son wasn’t blessed with “Hawaiian silky” hair like his mama. She took to Instagram to ask her followers for advice on products to use, and some people took offense to it. Well, Crystal is speaking out about the situation now and she says she didn’t do anything wrong.

“I love my child and I quoted something that my sister-in-law [Ne-yo’s sister] says to me, so if people want to take things literal that’s fine,” she said. “I was asking for help and I was met with criticism. But that’s okay because it inspired me to start my own hair care line.”

She went on to say that she believes the source of the criticism is because people supposedly don’t know she’s half black. “They assume that I’m not mixed with black, which I absolutely am,” she explained. “They don’t like black men being with white women or other races of women and it’s really stupid so I don’t play into the stereotypes.”

“I will check you, but I’m learning to do better at that so it is what it is,” she added. Ne-yo also chimed in and said people need to lighten up!

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