Derek Fisher’s ex-wife Candace Fisher is pissed at Derek for talking about his daughter’s cancer on “Dancing With the Stars,” and she believes he only did that to gain publicity on the show. She allegedly wants him barred from posting anything about their kids on social media too.

According to @blast, Candace says Derek hit her up while he was on the show and asked for her permission to allow their daughter to participate in a feature on the show that wanted to discuss her cancer.

Candace told Derek no, but says the show still ran a piece on her daughter and even panned the camera on her in the crowd while she was crying.

Candace texted Derek and went in on him.
She wrote, “I think it’s shameful and quite obvious that there is no level too low for you to go to play yourself and I don’t want the kids to have any part of it.”

Derek responded, “So let me get this straight, YOU walking around with my last name, collecting checks from me, living off my hard work and career earnings, have the nerve to even utter the word exploiting?”

The conversation got a lot nastier and Candace is now filing a request to get a holiday custody order for the ex-couple’s twins.

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