According to reports, #Cavs point guard #DerrickRose has decided to take a leave of absence from the team in order to evaluate his future in the NBA.

Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN and insider for the Cavs claims that Rose’s decision is based on his history of injuries. “[Rose is] tired of being hurt, and it’s taking a toll on him mentally,” he said.

No one really knows whether or not Rose will decide stay or go, but Cavs Coach Tyronn Lue believes he’ll be back and says that the entire team has his support.

The downside to Rose ending his NBA career is that he’d be walking away from the remaining 6 years and $70 million of his Adidas deal.

An upside is that Rose is expecting a baby with girlfriend Alaina Anderson so he’d be able to spend a lit more time with them! We hope he makes the best decision for himself and his family.



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