#Roommates, it’s sad to say #DMX has hit yet another roadblock in his most recent legal battle. Right now, the Ruff Ryders front man is in hot water with the IRS and is facing up to 14 counts of tax evasion. The problem is, the judge in his case doesn’t think DMX is taking the case seriously based on his irresponsible behavior while he’s been out on bail.

According to USA Today, DMX will now be placed on house arrest for violating the terms of his bail conditions and testing positive for weed and cocaine. Along with failing multiple drug tests, DMX also showed up half an hour late to his hearing today.

It’s clear DMX is having trouble getting over his long time battle with drugs and may ultimately catch up with him during this case. The federal judge made sure to let DMX and his lawyer know should he skip bail, “it will be the end of his career and the end of living a decent life.”

Let’s hope X can get it together before it’s too late!

Source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/music/2017/08/11/rapper-dmx-sentenced-home-confinement-after-violating-bail-terms/560009001/

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