Trump congratulated a group of African leaders at the United Nations yesterday for helping “so many” of his friends “get rich.”

“I have so many friends going to your countries trying to get rich, I congratulate you,” he said during a luncheon that included leaders from the 54 diverse nations on the continent. “They are spending a lot of money.”

After his remarks, Donnie reportedly paused for laughter or applause, but was met with awkward silence instead. #Roomies, not one person clapped.

He went on to tell the group that “Africa has tremendous business potential,” as if we didn’t already know that. African labor and natural resources have been exploited by America and European countries for centuries. Let’s not forget the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the fact that American companies have made billions from deals with various dictatorships… but I digress.

“For American firms it’s really become a place that they have to go — that they want to go,” he continued, pointing out that six of the ten fastest-growing economies are in Africa.

To add icing on the cake, Trump also mispronounced Namibia as “Nambia” twice in his speech, apparently combining the names of Namibia and Zambia. SMH, we can’t make this stuff up.

TSR STAFF: Myeisha E. @myeisha.essex on IG

Photo: Brendan Smialowski @GettyImages

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