So three days ago we told you about Joseph Fiennes, the British white actor who was recently cast to portray Michael Jackson in an upcoming TV movie. 

The casting choice to choose a white actor to play a black man, definitely didn’t sit well with many, and thus the slander began. The timing couldn’t have been worse considering the #OscarsSoWhite controversy has been brewing and the diversity in film conversation is currently happening. 
Many celebs hit social media to weigh in on the casting choice and did not hold back on their opinions! Chris Brown, who has said Michael Jackson was his idol, was absolutely not here for Joseph! Check out Chris’s tweets below: 

Comedian Chelsea Handler also shared her thoughts 


During Wendy Williams Hot Topics Segment they discussed it and she said “That’s like getting Angela Bassett to play Sophia Loren. You just don’t do that! With roles so far few and between for a lot of black actors, I feel like even if they couldn’t get a name they could’ve got somebody that we don’t know.” 

Check out the clip 

Trevor Noah from The Daily Show, also sounded off 

Yes, we all know that Michael’s skin color changed over the years, but there are light skin black actors that could have played the role as well. What are your thoughts, do you think there’s anything wrong with Joseph playing Michael? Let’s chat! 
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