Questions need to be answered after seeing this video of Erica Dixon and her run-in with Atlanta five-o! 
According to TMZ, Erica got pulled over for speeding but after receiving her ticket, cops seemed to be unsatisfied. Things escalated quickly. 
In the first part of the video, you hear her saying she felt like she was being harassed and questioning whether they would have her standing around all night. The video cuts to a police car pulling up dramatically to a gas station where Erica was seated in her car. 
The first officer asked her to step out of the vehicle and then before you could blink, there were five officers trying to remove her. 
“I’m comin’ out. You ain’t gotta pull me I’m a female!” She said. “It takes one, two, three, four, FIVE men to pull a female out of a car?! That is ridiculous!” She continued as she stepped out of the car. 
One officer proceeded to arrest her as she questions why she was under arrest, and claiming that he never read her her rights. 
“What am I under arrest for? You didn’t read me my rights! What am I under arrest for?!” She asked. 
Police claim she fled the original scene when she was first pulled over for speeding. She was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken to a nearby detention center. 

She has since been released.  

Here’s the ful video: 

Source: TMZ,

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