Recently Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’ Neal were guests on “The Red Pill Podcast,” with Van Lathan.

While on the show, Van asked the ladies a question involving their exes and let’s just say, Evelyn gave an answer that many didn’t expect.

Van said to the ladies, “Let’s say you are stranded. No money, no food, no nothing, in the middle of nowhere. You got your cell phone, and you got the number of your exes on the cell phone. Which one are you going to call? Which one do you have the most faith in?”

To many peoples surprise, Evelyn answered and said her ex-husband Chad Johnson. She said, “Chad, and not that I don’t have faith in Carl, Carl would be there, but we’re talking about if my life is on the line.”

If you all can recall, Evelyn and Chad were married for a brief moment before a domestic violence incident erupted, and later led to their divorce.

However, not taking away from what happened in the past, Evelyn said, “We’re talking about if your life was on the line — just think about the question.”

A few years after their relationship, Evelyn was engaged to MLB player Carl Crawford, and the two share a son. Unfortunately, their relationship came to an end last year.


Check out the interview below:



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