As ya’ll know, #FifthHarmony went from five members to four when previous group member Camila Cabello left the group.

One of the highlights of Sunday’s VMAs was when the current four members of the group threw a ‘fifth member’ off stage during their performance.

Of course, people speculated that the fifth member thrown off the stage was slight shade and good riddance to Camila.

The group stopped by Good Morning America Tuesday to address the tea.

“We get asked all the time if we’re getting a fifth member and wanted to show the world in an artistic way that hey, the four of us are Fifth Harmony and we’re stronger and better than we’ve ever been. And honestly, it was such a monumental moment for us. We were at the VMAs, we had rain, we had the splits. We had a mic drop,” Ally said.

“Let’s just say we’re in a better place now – there are no secrets in this circle,” Dinah said.

Normani went on to add, “I get to sleep at night knowing we did everything in our power as friends, bandmates and human beings.”

Watch Fifth Harmony’s 2017 VMA performance here.


TSR Staff: Thembi (@ThembiTV_)



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