A former employee of #MelB and soon-to-be ex-husband #StephenBelafonte is speaking out about everything he endured during his time with the couple. 25-year-old Jonathan Parks tells Page Six, “Working for Stephen and Mel was insane, complete chaos. They were always screaming at each other and rowing. Every single day I asked myself, ‘How can these people still be together?’ There seemed to be no happiness.”

In addition to all of the yelling came Stephen’s spending habits. According to Parks, he once spent $22,800 on a tattoo. “He spent $15,000 for first-class seats to Sweden to see the number two tattoo artist in the world,” Parks says. “He paid $7,800 for the tattoo and flew back.” Stephen would also spend thousands of dollars on clothes and shoes that he would never even wear.

According to Parks, Belafonte was known to have a very, very bad temper and he scared his employees! Parks also recounted a time when he and other staff members were forced to watch ISIS beheading videos so that they were aware of the “real world.”

Another time Stephen kicked down the door of an AirBnB since Parks took to long to arrive. “One time he was locked out of an Airbnb house he was renting in Beverly Hills and I took too long to get back with the keys, so he kicked the door in,” he says.

Parks also tells Page Six, “Stephen said my job was going to be crazy and I’d be on call 24/7. But he promised awesome opportunities — private jets, the works.” He wasn’t expecting Stephen to be so terrifying, so he left after nine months. “I got in my car and just left. It was like running from the mob,” he said.

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