Popular Model Wankaego ( @iamwankaego ) opened up about her past as a Stripper. She says she decided to change her life around after getting jumped outside of the Strip Club in Miami by a group of men. This really touched our hearts and we wanted to share her story with some of you all!

Read Her Story Below:

          I know none of these other popular models on Instagram would ever post a pic of themselves looking like this, because they want to portray an image of being perfect. But I’m far from that. I got jumped in a club by a group of men in Miami a few years ago. I didn’t even know them, they did this to me because I wouldn’t dance for them. I blacked out, couldn’t eat or open my mouth for days and had to get X-rays because the doctors thought my jaw was broken. I suffered from post traumatic stress for years after the incident. I used to wake up in the middle of the night crying in my sleep. After that happened I told myself that God must of been trying to tell me something. So I changed my life, my surroundings and the people in my circle. It was then that things became better for me. I just wanted to tell any women that have experienced anything like this that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and to keep your head up even at your darkest moments. I want to empower women, inside them to be strong and independent because I never had anyone to do it for me. I love all the ladies that support me!








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