Earlier this week, #SnoopDogg released his “Lavender” video in which he makes a mock assassination of a clownish #DonaldTrump. He faced a lot of criticism for it, mostly from Trump supporters and the president himself.

Fellow rapper #BowWow decided to stand up for his “Uncle Snoop” by telling the president to “shut his punk a** up” before they “pimp” #MelaniaTrump.

Before Bow Wow could delete his tweet, co-hosts for Fox 5 show #TheFive provided commentary on the debacle. However, #KimberlyGuilfoyle took things too far when she literally said that Snoop and Bow Wow should be killed over their comments.

When fellow co-host Greg Gutfield asked, “What should the Secret Service do, Kimberly?” she replied to her giggling co-hosts, “Kill them? Kill them.” She then added, “I think it would be fantastic if Snoop and wannabe-Snoop got a visit from, like, the federal marshals and let’s see how tough and gangster they are then.”

Since when does the media say this on t.v.?!

Fun fact: Kimberly Guilfoyle was once in the running to be Trump’s press secretary, but Sean Spicer was chosen instead.
TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on Instagram & @tallyohhh on Twitter!
Source: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2017/03/17/fox-news-host-secret-service-should-kill-snoop-dogg-and-bow-wow-for-their-trump-attacks.html

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