Remember #Roommates, everything comes to light eventually so be careful what you post on social media. A Georgia State University soccer player unfortunately learned that the hard way after facing some serious backlash on social media for using the n-word in an Instagram post.

According to NBC, the GSU freshman posted, “I passed n*****s!” to her Instagram account on Friday. In true social media fashion, someone took a screenshot of her post and it went viral.

The University took immediate action and released this statement:

“We do not tolerate the language the student used in her post. Pursuant to our student athlete code of conduct, she has been suspended from the soccer team.”

Several students felt like her punishment wasn’t harsh enough so one student created an online petition calling for the University to expel her.

The petition had 500 signatures by Monday afternoon and she must have been reading the comments but she ended up withdrawing from the school the same day!

“I hope that if she learns from it, and she’ll learn that was a dumb move on my end, that one move will change everything for her,” said one student.

“Letting someone say this, slap them on the wrist and say you’re fine, you can come back to the team, that’s not – that’s

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