Roommates, let me introduce you to our girl #CheyenneLenee out of Detroit! She has set the internet in shambles, because she looks just. like. #Oprah. The only thing that gives her away is her beautifully voluptuous bawwwdy.



Although she isn’t a stripper, Cheyenne has been dubbed as the “Magic City Oprah.” Still, she has embraced the fact that she favors Oprah by changing her Twitter name to “Motor City Oprah” as a nod to her hometown. The humor of all of this is that Cheyenne wishes she could have planned for this to go viral, because going as Oprah would have made for a great Halloween costume!



Of course Black Twitter doesn’t know how to act, so check out some of the funniest–and thirstiest–tweets we’ve seen today about who everyone is calling the “Magic City Oprah”!






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