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Gilbert Arenas has been served with a restraining order after a woman claims the former NBA star has been threatening to send naked videos of her to her 10-year-old son!

According to TMZ, the woman, who claims she’s been with Gilbert on and off since 2016, tried to end things for good with him but she says that’s when the threats and harassment started happening.

The woman wrote in court docs that Gilbert told her he was at her son’s school waiting to get his cell phone number so that he could send the kid naked photos of her and a video of her and Gilbert having sex. She included text messages from Gilbert as receipts.

The woman also claims that back in May, Gilbert pushed her against the wall of her home and demanded sex and that she only consented out of fear.

Her request for Gilbert to stop contacting her and her son was granted temporarily by a judge. A hearing to make the restraining order permanent is slated for the end of the month.


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