It’s clear by now that Matt Barnes and his ex-wife Gloria Govan have a love hate relationship. Remember a couple months back, Matt accused Gloria of stashing money away from their joint bank account? Well, it looks like Gloria was writing this all down because she’s suing Matt for defamation.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Gloria claims its a big ole lie. She says that while she was married to Matt they had joint bank accounts, property listed in both of their names, and raised their two boys together.

Gloria says she made her own money from acting and when she was on Basketball Wives back in the day. She claims that her reputation is everything and that’s how she makes her money.

She says that since they went their separate ways and called it quits, Matt has constantly made tarnishing comments about her in the media.

He accused Gloria of taking money out of their joint account and buying her family homes, claiming she forged his name on lease documents, and misused his child support payments.

Gloria claims that these demeaning comments have damaged her repuatation and cost her to lose some opportunities.

It’s not clear yet how much Gloira is asking for, but she’s sueing for embarrassment, humiliation, and harm to her reputation.

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