TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh

#TSRUpdatez: Fabolous is asking for more time to hash out a plea deal in his domestic violence case involving the mother of his children and longtime on-and-off girlfriend, Emily B.

Bossip reports that Fab was in court in Northern New Jersey today where his lawyer met with the prosecution to work it out. The case stems from a March incident in which Em told police that Fabulous threatened to kill her and punched her seven times in the head.

They’re trying to determine if Fab is eligible for pre-trial intervention, which is a diversion program that would allow his charges to be dismissed upon completion of it. But the issue is the program is only open to first-time offenders and Fab has priors on is record.

The criminal complaint also alleged that the assault caused her two front teeth to be medically removed. The charges he’s facing include aggravated assault on a domestic violence victim and making terroristic threats.

Since it all went down, it appears the two have reconciled and were spotted together at several events in recent months. They even celebrated Mother’s Day together and their son’s 3rd birthday this past weekend.

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