First things first, who saw #GirlsTrip this weekend? That movie was funny as hell and I’m sure that each of us can see ourselves as well as a few of our closest friends in each of the characters. We wanted to share with you what we think the zodiac signs would be doing on a girls trip! Take a look at your sign and tell us if we nailed it, #Roomies!

Going to a good restaurant can make or break a girls trip, so Cancer is the sign who is making a list of all the good local restaurants to check out…key word LOCAL.

Leo will wake up and take a selfie, brush their teeth and take a selfie, have breakfast and take a selfie… I’m sure y’all get it by now!

While on the girls trip, Virgo will probably be obsessing about everyone staying on schedule so that everyone on the trip will have time to do everything they have planned! They are usually control freaks and she who controls time controls everything.

Libra is probably trying to decide whether or not they should let their freak flags fly! Maybe they should find their inner Amber Rose and see what she would do.

Scorpio will probably be looking for their next victim while on the girls trip. They have a sexual prowess that allows them to get whatever they want from someone. Who would better to do this with other than someone you’ll prob get never see again?!

The Sag of the group would be trying to get it in where they can fit in, if you know what I mean. Anything goes with them, but you’d never know since they don’t kiss and tell!

The loose cannon during the girl’s trip is none other than the Capricorn. This sign is usually so wrapped up in their careers or personal affairs that they forget to turn up one good time! Capricorn will become the hot drunken mess by the time they’re done with the bar!

Aquarians are more than likely going to be scheduling activities for all of you guys to do together like hiking, kayaking, bungee jumping… They’ll do ANYTHING for a thrill and will encourage their friends to live a little.


Pisces will be making the “getting ready” and car ride playlists together. They know how to set the mood with music!

Each day, Aries will make sure to get cute and either lay out by the pool, the beach or even the bar and wait to get hit on. They just know they’re cute!

During the girls trip, Taurus will be making sure that they stay on budget! They brought just enough money for their stay plus another budget for souvenirs.

Gemini will probably be working and taking meetings while having drinks and shaking some ass. They’re masters at multitasking!

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