Bronner Brothers weekend is upon us Roommates and wigs will fly! First things first, we’ve got to take a moment to acknowledge the evolution of the hair industry. The art behind the way in which they craft lace-front wigs now are nothing short of a revelation. Technology, next to the demand, is one of the big reasons why the trade show has continued to grow! Advertising through the use of social media has made it so that companies have direct contact to their consumers via platforms such as Instagram and Facebook– which really means that it’s easy for anyone to sell you any d*mn thing. 
That is why the owner of @thehairagency took the time out to make sure that those of you attending this weekend’s festivities are thinking straight under all those wig caps! She writes: 
In my opinion, quality hair is quality hair, but not all hair is virgin. In fact, I bet any amount of money that 70% of women have not touched actual virgin hair. Hell, 50% of these hair company owners wouldn’t be able to tell the difference because they lack the knowledge themselves having no background in cosmetology and/or hair extension artistry. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing your next “bundle deal”!!

1.) Ask the hair company for proof of origin. If it’s Peruvian, ask to see a tracking number from Peru. If it’s Russian Blonde, ask for a tracking number from Russia. Also ask why everyone’s platinum blonde hair crispy?!

Indian hair was virtually the only virgin hair available on the market in mass quantities since Indian women are the only women in the world who sacrifice their hair. Everyday, tons of hair is collected at various temples in India. If you go over to Brazil, you’ll be lucky if a native woman will let you trim her split ends! So if virgin Brazilian hair is so rare, how are we able to buy it for $50 per bundle? $100 per bundle? How is it that anyone reading this post can start their own virgin Brazilian hair company tonight? YOU CAN’T! 

2.) If they offer a tight curly texture, ask the company whether or not it has undergone a steam or perm rod process. A steam process does not use chemicals so it could possibly be virgin…if it’s Indian hair.

The Chinese have come over to India to collect the scraps of fallen hair on the floors of the Indian temples, or even the bad batches of hair at best for little to nothing. Once they have collected it, they take it back to their factories (in which some are now in India) to perm it, color it, steam-rod it, etc. in order to create those cute little curl patterns you refer to as “Mongolian Tight Curl”, “Vixen Deep Peruvian Wave”, “Ocean Wave”, “Take Yo Man Burmese Wavy”, etc! 

3.) If you’re purchasing from Ali****ess, don’t bother just proceed to check out, it’s processed hair but it’s $27.00 a bundle, who can complain?

Over the past 4-5 years, “virgin hair” had become increasingly popular. I remember when finding a reasonable wholesale virgin hair supplier was like trying to get juice from a rock! Now, your retired grandmother can log on to Aliexpress and start slinging bundles with out a second thought, all thanks to the hair industry pimps who reside in China (that’s an entirely different story for another day). 

4.) If these companies don’t want to answer your questions, well you just saved yourself $200-400.

Notice the pattern with asking questions? Quality extensions are an investment, so make sure that you are, in fact, getting what you’ve paid for! Ain’t nobody got time for their hair to be looking better than their bank accounts, but that’s none of our business, Roommates!


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