#Roommates, do y’all remember Herman Cain? He was the black 2012 Republican presidential candidate that said poverty is a “state of mind” and referred to slaves as immigrants. Well, he’s back in the news, and this time it’s for a open letter he penned lending his support to Ben Carson titled “House Negroes Stand Up!”

Cain wasn’t too pleased about an article written about Carson in the Michigan Chronicle. The historically black newspaper from Carson’s hometown referred to him as “house Negro of the year,” and Cain said he must be one too because of his “success.”

“Because that’s one of the names you get called by other black people when you are a success at something, and you do not buy into ‘black group think,’ or act and say what they want you to say,” he wrote. “Being called a ‘house Negro’ is just one of the insulting names I have been called as an ABC (American Black Conservative), simply because I do not subscribe to the black liberal backward-looking narrative of black identity politics.”

“If being called a ‘house Negro’ is what some of us must endure for succeeding in this nation and thinking for ourselves, then let all of the ‘house Negroes’ stand up and be counted,” he continued.

Ben Carson currently serves as the Housing and Urban Development Secretary, a position appointed to him by Donald Trump.

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