Last week Donald Trump signed an executive order implementing a travel ban from seven Muslim countries. His actions caused many people to be detained at airports throughout the country, and caused various protests as well.

A federal judge ordered a temporary halt to Trump’s order, allowing those detained at the airports to leave.

According to CNN, on Saturday Homeland Security announced that they have suspended all of the actions involving Trump’s immigration order, and the standard inspection for travelers will continue prior to the ban.

An official from the State Department also said that they have reversed the cancellations of visas that were “provisionally revoked,” following Trump’s executive order. Just as long as those visas were not stamped or marked canceled.

There were fewer than 60,000 visas revoked since the signing of the order.

On Saturday International Air Transportation Association said that the US Customs and Border Protection is telling it’s members to follow procedures as “if the executive order never existed.”

On Friday night the White House announced that the Justice Department would file an “emergency motion to stop the halt,” but they have yet to do so.

Donald Trump responded to the suspension of the ban on Twitter:

#DonaldTrump turns to Twitter after Homeland Security suspends his travel ban

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