Ikea is definitely lit for this collab they set in place for its 2019 flagship collection! According to CNN International, the retail giant decided to recruit top of the line designers from Africa to spotlight their work through the companies global platform. 
Apparently Ikea’s Head of Design, Marcus Engman, and the founder of Design Inbada, Ravi Naidoo, recently met up to iron out details on how they would roll out their plans to spotlight the designers’ work 
“The creative explosion which is taking place in several cities around Africa right now is something IKEA is curious about. We want to learn from this and spread it to the rest of the world,” Engman said 

While it might seem like Ikea is simply hopping on the “Africa is now” bandwagon, many in the creative community recognize the benefits of the partnership for the African artists involved.

We hear that preliminary designs are slated to be on display at the 22nd Design Indaba conference in Cape Town! Attendees can expect to see work from Rwanda architect, Christian Benimana, as well as Senegalese fashion designer Selly Raby Kane, just to throw out a few names!

As far as the full collection goes, it’s slated to hit stores in 2019! 

TSR STAFF: Chantel P.! @_popchanny on IG! 

Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2017/03/01/design/ikea-africa-design/index.html?sr=twcnni030117ikea-africa-design1200PMN/ALink&linkId=34999806
Photo Credit: IKEA 

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