Roommates, can we take a moment to acknowledge that #Solange came to play no games at the #MetGala?! Her outfit contained a subtle nod to black culture and I bet you didn’t even catch it!

So let’s get into her headpiece. First of all, Solo’s record label is called #SaintRecords and she has a compilation album called #SaintHeron. In the Catholic Church, saints are always pictured with a halo, so Solange’s halo fit right in with that theme…but then she amped it up for the culture.

Sis attached her halo to a du-rag! Solo took things a step further and had “MY GOD WEARS A DURAG” embellished on her cape. If that’s not the most pro-black thing evahhhh! Go off, Solo!

my god wears a durag 🌹

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#solange #metgala2018 @saintrecords 🖤

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