People are going hard for International Women’s Day and we are here for it! KFC Malaysia is ahead of the game as they switched out Colonel’s Sanders’ logo with a logo of his wife!

According to his daughter Margaret, Claudia Price was indeed the colonel’s wife—his second wife actually. Sis reportedly started off as the side piece too—no pun intended.

Claudia was apparently hired to help the colonel’s first wife with housework, and ended up marrying Colonel Sanders in 1949. Those are some fun facts for ya #Roomies!

KFC Malaysia spoke to Buzzfeed on why they switched up the logo for International Women’s Day and they said, “KFC Malaysia recognizes and celebrates that our people are the key to our success…The recognition of Claudia Sanders on International Women’s Day is also dedicated to celebrating every KFCer whose ideas, hard work and passion contribute to making our organization stronger.”

Well, shoutout to KFC Malaysia for recognizing, and celebrating this day!

TSRStaff: Thembi ( @ThembiTV_ )

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