Now that the season is finally over and the country has embraced it’s 2017 NBA Championship team, others are now looking ahead for next year which means some teams may be a little shaken up in efforts to get that ring!

J.R Smith had been casually strolling through Instagram and happened to like a picture of Carmelo Anthony wearing a Cavaliers jersey, uploaded by the Bleacher Report. Could J.R. be hinting at an approval if Carmelo switched over?

According to Complex, some fans have already begun to voice off their opinions on who they would like to see traded. Some call for the Cleveland to trade Kevin Love to the Pacers in exchange for Paul George. Some want the Clippers to take Blake Griffin. Others believe adding Carmelo Anthony to the roster may help him win the championship he’s always wanted.

Carmelo however, is still under a contract with the Knicks for the 2018-2019 season, therefore, he would have to work out a pretty good agreement between both teams before switching over.

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