#BasketballWives’ #BrandiMaxiell and her husband #JasonMaxiell sat down with #IyanlaVanzant on #FixMyLife and let allllll the tea runneth over.

If you remember, part of Brandi’s storyline on #BBWLA included #Jason’s infidelities—but not to the extremity of what was shared on #Iyanla. Jason admitted to cheating on Brandi throughout their entire 17-year-long relationship y’all!

He has reportedly slept with a total of 341 women, including 50 in their marriage alone since they said “I do” in 2010. Iyanla’s question to #Brandi, which a lot of us may be wondering, was “why is more than 50 disgusting, but more than 10 ain’t?”

Be sure to check out the full episode via the OWN Network!


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