Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga definitely won’t be breaking bread with each other during this holiday season, and it appears the tension between the two of them is only going to get worse.

According to @Blast, Jennifer said in court documents that on November 10th David picked up their son from school and just dipped out of town without even telling her.

She said she would have never known if it wasn’t for an app her sons school uses to monitor and keep record of who picks up their students.

Jennifer is worried that after last week’s incident he may try and dip out the state again without giving her a heads up.

She claims the “frequency and intensity of David’s conduct has escalated to the point that I am now living in fear for my physical and emotional safety and that of my son.”

Jhud also claims that David has scared their son to the point that “he’s scared of his own mother.” She alleges that David gave his son strict rules to send him videos of where he is at anytime he asks so he can spill tea about where he is and who ALL he is with.

She claims that the intimidation has gotten so bad that her son broke down in her studio session last week.

“He was fearful of the consequences his father might impose on him for just being there.”

Hopefully these two can work it out peacefully for their son.

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