#Roommates, don’t let the cool demeanor fool you cause word around town is #Quavo allegedly put the paws on #EricTheJeweler at a Grammys after party!

According to @TMZ_TV, the incident has already been reported to the NYPD and law enforcement sources confirm Eric has identified Quavo as one of the men who jumped him inside Club 1Oak in NYC.  The tea is Eric approached Quavo for money #Offset owed him (about $10K) and the conversation went from 0 to 100!

Eric said as soon as the beatdown happened he left the club but noticed his $30K chain was missing, prompting him to also file a robbery report with police.

The good news is, officers don’t plan to make any arrests until they have seen video footage of the incident, but they will be speaking to all member of The Migos to get this all straightened out!

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2018/01/31/quavo-assault-robbery-eric-the-jeweler-1oak-nyc-grammys/?adid=TMZ_Search_Results

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