Singer #JhenéAiko has got some explaining to do according to her former tour manager Joshua Williams! He is accusing her of not paying him back after spending over $50,000 in expenses, which he claims she asked him to take care of!

According to lawsuit documents obtained by The Blast, Williams was hired as her tour manager in October 2017. While on tour with Jhené, Williams claims that she asked him to use credit cards and cash to cover certain expenses and assumed that he would be reimbursed for them.

This ended up totaling $53,826.23, but Williams says that he was never reimbursed nor was he paid $16,000 for his actual job as her tour manager! So, he’s suing Jhené for these amounts plus 10% interest and wants her to pay his attorney’s fees.

Plot-twist! The Blast actually reached out to Jhené‘s team for a comment and they said that Williams had approached her about reimbursement. When they asked for receipts, they said he was unable to produce them. They believe that there may be some fraud going on and are leading their own investigation into the matter!

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