Back in September, we reported that #JillScitt filed for divorce from her husband #MichaelDobson. The cause for the split was cited by the singer as “irreconcilable differences” and “ inappropriate martial conduct that such further cohabitation would be unsafe and improper.”

They both are preparing for their court date on February 15th (how unromantic) and Dobson wants an additional $500,000 for his pain and suffering since he loved her so much! “He’s not going to let Scott disgrace him,” one source tells @NYDailyNews. “Michael still loves Jill. He has always felt like she’s his ‘ride or die’ throughout their relationship.”

Unfortunately, the $500K might be a reach, because Dobson signed a prenup before he and Scott were wed. In addition to the money, he wants the prenup to be thrown out since parts of the document “were not filled out properly.”

Both parties signed an NDA, so more details have not been disclosed yet. We will keep y’all updated!

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG

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