It’s nothing wrong with hitting a little recreational marijuana here and there long as you know your limit! Filmmaker Jordan Peele revealed that smoking a couple blunts helped create his Oscar winning movie “Get Out.”

According to Daily Mail, Jordan has been having one hell of a week. Just days after taking home his first Academy Award for Best Screenplay I’m “Get Out”, he also nabbed Best Director and Best Feature at the Film Independent Spirit Awards.

“This project didn’t start as a statement, it began as me wanting to make film in my favorite genre,” Peele explained during his acceptance speech at the Spirit Awards. “I sat down, and I would smoke a little bit of weed while I try to write a mind-bending horror film. At some point, I just followed the truth and realized there are people that are locked up for smoking less weed than I smoked while I wrote the movie.”

“I wanted to deliver that truth,” the director continued.

In the end it definitely paid off for him!

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