Comedian #JordanPeele achieved great success over the weekend with his new film #GetOut. It’s a movie about race relations in the guise of a young black man whose visit to meet his white girlfriend’s parents goes horribly wrong. The low budget film reportedly cost $4.5 million to make and grossed roughly $30.5 million during its opening weekend! We’d like to think that #TheGame and #ChanceTheRapper had something to do with this. 

” The film, which centers on a black man who discovers that his girlfriend’s liberal, lily-white hometown is guarding a sinister secret, marks a departure for Peele, best-known for his work on the Comedy Central series “Key & Peele.” It proves he can handle scares, as well as laughs, supplying sly social commentary in both genres.”
We’ve heard nothing but great reviews of this film. How did you like it, Roommates?!

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