Looks like things are looking up for Meek Mill #Roommates! It’s no secret that Meek Mill’s team believes that the Judge in his probation case is out to get him, and they’re hoping the FBI can prove it.

According to TMZ, Judge Genece Brinkley is reportedly being investigated by the FBI for potential relationships within the Philly music circuit, including a local known rapper she allegedly asked Meek to sign with, and possible “extortionist” demands.

The site claims that FBI agents have been following Meek’s case since it began back in April 2016. Philly music mogul, Charlie Mack, allegedly told Meek that he was cool with the judge and that he could help him with his case. He later denied that claim when he spoke exclusively with the NY Post.

If you remember, Meek’s lawyer also said that the Judge asked Meek to do a remix to Boyz ll Men song and give her a shout-out, and claims that his long sentence was because he told her no.

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