Just when you thought you’ve heard the last of Katt Williams, think again because he’s making headlines for this certified crazy story #Roommates. An actress is accusing Katt Williams of setting up a catfight for her to walk to into that included witchcraft, yes I said witchcraft.

According to TMZ, the actress, Jamila Majesty, claims this all went down at Katt’s Malibu home nearly 2 years ago, why she waited 2 years to come forward remains unclear. Apparently Katt invited her over, for a night I’m guessing filled with fun and free drinks, and when she arrived she learned quickly that she wasn’t the only girl, there were 5 women already there.

Now this is where the story just get’s plain weird. So in the lawsuit, she said things took a turn for the worst when she decided to use the bathroom.

Jamila said Katt told her “”No one uses [my] bathroom,” and then the women started relentlessly punching her! She’s claiming that during these beatings, she lost consciousness multiple times, and Katt burned her face with a Newport cigarette, according to TMZ.

Now y’all are probably wondering where is the witchcraft in this story, well brace yourselves #Roommates.

So Jamila is also claiming that one of the chicks had a witchcraft book open and that there was a fire that was being kept up by “unusual things.”

After three hours of getting beat up, Jamila left around 1:30 am and drove home. Her reason for not calling the cops was simple, she was afraid Katt would come for her.

She’s suing for assault and battery, false imprisonment and emotional distress.

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2016/03/17/katt-williams-lawsuit-beating-sorcery/

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