#RunTheJewels emcee, Killer Mike, was honored by Georgia lawmakers yesterday for his outstanding work towards improving Atlanta water systems, and for his overall activism and philanthropy efforts. During his acceptance speech at the Georgia State Capitol, the rapper urged lawmakers to do more for the futures of children, teachers, firemen and police. 
“Our children deserve decent housing. Gentrification should not make children poor,” Mike said to city officials. “Our school systems deserve more attention. Our teachers deserve more money. Our firemen deserve more money. And our policemen deserve more than new guns. They deserve to have enough cops on the street to be involved in the community.” He continued, “The charge that I give all of us in this hall today is to make sure that Georgia remains an equitable place not only for water, but for education, for workers’ rights, for where we’re living.”
Via Rolling Stone:

“The Georgia Senate’s honor comes after the rapper lent his moniker to “Driller Mike,” the Atlanta Department of Watershed Management’s custom-made drill that helped build an emergency backup water system in the city.
In State Resolution 315, the Georgia Senate recognized the contributions of both Killer Mike and Driller Mike.”

“Michael Render has used his platform as a Grammy-winning rapper to help bring the value of water to mainstream audiences,” the resolution stated. “He has been quoted as saying, ‘I don’t ever want to cry for Atlanta like I’ve cried 14 for places like Flint. Water is a right that people deserve. This is an equitable distribution 15 of water. I drink it out of the tap, so that matters to me. I’m proud of Atlanta because we will 16 always talk from a place of power.'”
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Source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/georgia-senate-honors-outstanding-ambassador-killer-mike-w471672

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