Ladies if you’re out there messing with a married man or any man that’s off the market, I advise you to cut it off now or you may end up like this one mistress who ended up getting red-hot chili peppers stuffed into her vagina.

According to the NY Post, Vietnamese media reports Ly Chantel, 23, had started to become suspicious when she noticed her husband was out more than usual.

The couple had only been married for seven months and they were already expecting their first child together.

Ly decided to see what her husband Chien Ko, 24, was up to so she followed him to a motel in the Thai Nguyen province in Vietnam.

Pregnant Ly reportedly busted up in the motel and interrupted her husbands shenanigans and stuffed chilies into the mistress’s vagina while her friends held her down!

A lot of people wanted to know why the wife attacked the mistress and not the husband. Before shutting her Facebook page down Ly wrote, “How can he care for us if he cheats with another girl? A woman who destroys the family? Women can forgive easily but they never forget. Jealousy is painful. She will
know this There are people who hate me now, but life is like that, you cannot please everyone.”

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