Word on the street is that Lil Wayne allegedly has a secret son y’all! This tea is juicy so get your cups out and get ready to sip all of this!

A woman named Keiotia Watson claims she hooked up Wayne back in 2001, according to The Jasmine Brand. She says that she got pregnant by Wayne and had a son in February 2002. Now if this isn’t juicy she named him Dwayne!

Keiotia wanted Wayne to pay child support so she went to court in 2015 to establish paternity, and surprisingly, he was ordered to run her a check for $5k for his alleged son, but has yet to do so.

Wayne’s camp says he never received legal papers informing him that he’s the teens father. Wayne is stepping up though and plans to take a paternity test and will make it right if he’s the father.

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