#Roommates, #LilWayne is not the person you want to upset while he’s trying to perform because he WILL stop the show and let everyone know how he REALLY feels. That’s exactly what the #YoungMoney head honcho did at a recent concert in Australia.
Footage of Wayne stopping his show to address concert goers took a left when he told the crowd: “Where I’m from, I think ya’ll know that’s the States, we don’t throw things on stage cause all my n*ggas got pistols and they don’t know who to shoot at.”
Well damn, Weezy! He continued with: “So if you throw something else, I’m going to be more safe and the bigger person and just leave. Cause I don’t want to kill everybody.”
Lawdddddd Wayne didn’t hold anything back! Pretty safe to say concert goers simmered down after that intense warning. #Roommates, was Wayne right to let the crowd know what’s good??? Or did he just go a little too hard?

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