Domestic battery charges against Playboi Carti have been dropped according to TMZ.

The charges stemmed from an argument he had with his girlfriend at LAX. According to witnesses, the rapper allegedly grabbed her by her backpack and forced her out of the airport terminal. Carti was taken into custody by police for misdemeanor domestic battery and released on $20,000 bail early the next day. His girlfriend was not charged in the incident.

The Los Angeles city attorney decided not to file charges and instead will hold a hearing with both parties to “discuss how best to avoid” further offenses. As a result of the hearing, Carti may be assigned to join a counseling program. Charges can still be filed for up to 12 months, but at this time, none will be charged.

You got lucky, Carti!


TSR Staff Maurita Salkey @maurita.salkey

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