Police have finally been able to rescue a mother and her two children who were held captive inside a Virginia house for at least two years.

According to reports, Spotsylvania County police responded to a call claiming the family had not been seen or heard from in quite some time. The caller expressed concern for their welfare so officers went to the house to check it out. When they arrived, a man who goes by the name of Kariem Ali Muhammad Moore answered the door.

Moore spoke to police but he was reluctant to let them inside the house. While deputies were talking to the man, the woman and two kids ran out the side door and were taken to safety.

The woman told police they were not allowed to leave the house, however she was not held in bondage or a cage. Reports say Moore is allegedly the woman’s boyfriend and the father of the two children.

Police are still trying to solve the puzzle of how Moore prevented them from leaving. He’s since been charged with three felony counts of abduction and felony assault and battery.

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